The 405 Freeway and Visual Management

The 405/10 Ramp (Google Maps)
Recently I was driving north up the 405 freeway towards Los Angeles. If you’ve ever made this drive, you know that it always gets congested right around the 10 freeway. As I was passing the 10, I noticed that the congestion was mainly caused by people trying to jam themselves into the ramp at the last second. And of course there were people that wouldn’t let them sneak in, thus causing more traffic. Being the Lean nerd that I am, I thought about how a good Visual Management system could have helped the traffic problem. Good visual management keeps you updated on how you’re progressing on your path and tells you whether you’re off course or not. There was only one small sign on the 405 that showed the 10 freeway ramp was coming (and that sign was confusing) Had there been better visual signals to show what was upcoming, there would be fewer last minute swerving to get onto the ramp and thus, less traffic and accidents.

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