Lean books I'm currently reading

Great read for Business VSM
Just thought I'd share about the book I'm currently reading. My site did a Business Excellence event last year and we found that we needed to focus a lot on business process improvements in 2011. I decided to read up on business process improvement to get an understanding about the differences between mapping strategies. After reading some reviews on Amazon.com, I decided to go with "The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Administrative and Office Processes" by Keyte and Locher (found here).  I really think this is a great book for anyone trying to implement process improvements in the office environment.

"Learning to See" by Shook and Rather is essentially the starters guide for shop floor VSM - I think Complete Lean Enterprise is the same for Business VSM. It provides a very simple, visual explanation of how to use the standard shop-floor VSM framework and apply it to office processes.

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