Healthcare Kamishibai - Kaiser

I was recently shown this neat little Kamishibai system in a Kaiser hospital. It shows all the things a new mother has to do after giving birth before going home. One side shows the necessary task and the other side shows a check mark indicating completion. This is a great example of lean applied in the healthcare sector.

The 5S's - Squid Salami Stopwatch, Sasquatch, Salmonella?

Love this video from Mark Graban's ( Youtube channel (link if the embedded doesn't work:

It really does hold true though. How many times have you walked through the office area of a factory and seen someone with their desk taped off and labels everywhere. I'm not saying office organization isn't important, but you can defnitely go too far. Lean in the office is about streamlining processes using tools like four-field mapping not about putting tape around pencils!

Have you ever seen office 5S gone wrong?